Trekking to Mermaid Pools NSW

imag8175Waking up to a sunny and warm Sunday we decided to stayed close to home and venture over to Tahmoor about an hour drive from Wollongong, The Mermaid Pools, has been on our list for a while. Arriving mid morning, driving from Picton, once your on Charles Point Rd continue to Pheasants Nest Ford Crossing Bridge turn left into a small dirt road just before the bridge which leads down to the parking area at bottom of river it is easy to find.


The walking track has no signage but is a well-defined track, along the way you see painted rocks or coloured tags to keep you on track so its pretty easy to follow, we continued on the right side and followed the river. The walk starts off quiet flat only jumping a few large rocks, we came to a point the track separates into 2 tracks both eventually meet up again, (there is a painted rock with arrows) we decided to take the bottom track which follows the river. It was beautiful very quiet and peaceful. Following the track to the pools is not to hard but lots of large steps and rocks to climb and one or two steep sections making it a lot more fun. At the end of the bottom section you find an old diesel engine from here you head up hill and keep walking along cliff face. Arriving at the see-through-pools, this is a small waterhole with water cascade and lots of rock pools. There was a track leading down to it but we stayed on track it looked amazing looking down at it.


Walking a bit further along we came to a sign with directions to Tahmoor Gorge, which is a 10km return walk, we had to back track a little and head down a rocky track which took us to the Mermaid pool. Climbing over huge rocks and down to the edge. As it being winter no one was swimming but a few people picnicking around edge. We sat for a while to admire the surrounds then looked around at the waterfalls and huge cave like rock formations surrounding the pools.


This is a really pretty place we were lucky there we not many people there but could imagine it would be popular in summer. On the way back we took the high track it was open area and in some sections looked like a fire had gone through recently, lots of silver gum and wattle trees. This return walk was easy there were pieces of yellow steel markings on trees to follow along. The walk was 4km return taking an easy couple of hours, at a casual pace. The mermaid pools is well worth a look a really nice way to spend a few hours or take some lunch and spend the day there.

Google map – HERE

Author: Andy and Trish

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