Cave Creek Waterfall Walk N.S.W

2015-07-08-16_53_31Cave Creek is near Hilltop, Southern Highlands, which is not far from Mittagong, NSW. Cave Creek Walking Track begins off Wilson Drive just a few km west of Hilltop, heading towards Balmoral.  A sign can be seen from Wilson Drive, situated in the Bargo River State Conservation Area. This place is a hidden treasure, an easy short walk approx 2.6 km return and is well worth a look. Toilets, picnic shelters and BBQ are all in close vicinity to car park. The walk starts with a slight decline downhill, the track is easy with some sections of loose rocks, stairs and old logs in the paths way. The beginning of the walk is typical of the dry Australian bushland with wattle and many native plants along the way.

2015-07-08-16_55_21The track continues to descend down hill and as you get nearer to the bottom of the track it divides into a “T” inter section, veering off to the left, you go down to some metal stairs this takes you to a cave at the back of the main cave/waterfall, you can hear the waterfall behind the cave. Turning back on to the main track and heading further down the path, the environment changes into a beautiful lush rainforest and the temperature also becomes much cooler. Following the stairs down then looking on your right is a huge wall, the sandstone wall has many colors and textures it looks amazing.

On the left is a clear river leading to a small bridge, walking along brings you to the main waterfall inside the opening to the cave. This place is small but breath taking. The area surrounding the cave entrance is very muddy, wet and slippery lots of logs and loose rocks. Take your time and look around to explore this beautiful place.

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Author: Andy and Trish

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