Exploring Helensburgh Tunnels N.S.W

2174Driving towards Helensburgh, from either direction on the M1 freeway to Helensburgh, Exit onto the Old Princes Highway, at the roundabout take first exit onto Parkes Street and follow for approx 3.2 km then turn right onto Old Farm Rd.  Parking is available at the railway car park. If catching the train get to Helensburgh railway station, the tunnels are a few meters away.


The original railway route to the south coast closed in 1915. The abandoned tunnel is approx 80 meters in length with open gates at both ends. Entering the tunnel we felt an eerie feeling, cold and dark, due to the rain. The ground was muddy with large puddles at the entrance. As we walked through the tunnel we noticed graffiti everywhere, covering all the walls it was unfortunately as it spoilt the atmosphere of the tunnel.  Approaching the opened gates at the end it reminded me of an enchanted garden, over grown with vines and weeds, it looked beautiful. Walking across the road is another tunnel called the Metropolitan, this is signed with an information board of history about the railway track. Also an old demolished platform was just recognizable on the right with a cottage behind. Unfortunately because of heavy rain this tunnel was flooded so we couldn’t enter, but the tunnel is approx 600 meters has been blocked at the other end, the tunnel has glow worms inside and a history of being haunted.

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Author: Andy and Trish

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