Gosangs Tunnel, Beecroft Peninsula NSW

Gosangs Tunnel is located at Beecroft Peninsula, its an easy walk of about 4km each way. From the car park walk across the bridge along the track to the information board, there is a map here of the walk and many other walks in the area, its a good idea to take a photo of the map to refer back to if needed.

From the information board follow the signs to Mermaid Inlet, which is on the Coomies Walk. If you follow these signs you can’t go wrong. The walk took us about 30 minutes to cover the 4km, we soon found ourselves at a sign for Mermaids Inlet which is straight ahead and Gosangs Tunnel which is to the left. From the sign its about 20 meters to the caves entrance, you’ll have to climb down a few rocks and start your crawl through the tunnel until you reach the other end where you can stand up and enjoy the stunning coastline and ocean view.  There is no safety barrier so be-careful with your footing.

The area is also dog friendly, as long as they are on a leash.

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Author: Andy and Trish

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